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Canada Catalyst and Auxiliary Suppliers List

  • WorldWide Connection Trading   [Canada]

    3910, Candle light drive, Missisauga, ON, Canada, L5M 8B3, ,

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  • Ward Chemical Inc.   [Canada]

    The discovery of a natural salt brine deposit at Calling Lake in 1985 opened the doors of Ward Chemical, but a source of high grade calcium chloride was not enough to ensure a successful en...
    9915, 65th Ave NW, EDMONTON, Alberta, T6E 0L1, Canada

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  • VJCHEM Canada Inc   [Canada]


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  • Unipex Solutions Canada is   [Canada]

    Unipex Solutions Canada is Group Unipex’business unit which markets active ingredients, specialty chemicals, industrial commodities and services in Canada and the Northeast United States...
    1570 rue Ampère, Suite 106 Boucherville (Quebec) Canada J4B 7L4, ,

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  • Tembec Inc., Chemical Products Group   [Canada]

    Tembec is making major investments in green energy projects that will generate steady revenues and improve our environmental performance, and in cost and productivity improvement projects i...
    10 Chemin Gatineau, PO Box 5000, Temiscaming, Quebec, J0Z 3R0, Canada, Quebec, Quebec

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  • The Kissner Group   [Canada]

    Kissner is a major ice melt manufacturer, salt manufacturer, chemical distributor, and plastic manufacturer supplying a wide range of high-quality products
    32 Cherry Blossom Road

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  • Storchem Inc   [Canada]

    Since 1992, Storchem has been supplying a wide range of chemical materials with a strong emphasis on customer service. We strive to provide friendly service that focuses on timely responses...
    3425 Harvester Rd. Unit 213 Burlington, Ontario Canada, L7N 3N1, ,

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  • Saka Engineering Systems Private Limited   [Canada]

    India, ,

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