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  Post Date: Oct 10,2019
  Expiry Date: Apr 07,2020
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :78-79-5
Properties: The product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. It is inflammable and explosive with specific gravity 0.6806; melting point –147.7; boiling point 34.1; flash point -53.89; spontaneous ignition :220; explosion limit (v/v) 1.59.7%. ?
Specifications: Polymer-grade isoprene: Q/SH 012.11.03-1998 (Enterprise standard).
No. Item Index Testing Method
1 Appearance colourless or light colour, transparent, no mechanical admixture Q/SH 012.11.03-1998
2 Content %(m/m) >= 99.3
3 Isoprene dimer %(m/m) <= 0.3
4 Paraffins and monoene, %(m/m)? balance
5 Cyclo pentadiene, mg/kg <= 1
6 Alkyne, mg/kg <= 50
7 m-pentadiene, mg/kg <= 80
8 DMF 1), mg/kg <= 10
9 Sulphur, mg/kg <= 5 GB 6324.4
10 Oxo-compound, mg/kg <= 10 GBB 6018
11 Water, mg/kg <= 200 GB/T 6283
12 TBC 2), mg/kg <= 80120 GB 6020
Note: 1) DMF means N.N-dimethy /formamide
2) TBC means tributyl citrate
3) TBC can be adjusted as per client’s requirement
Specification 2: chemical-grade isoprene: Q/SH 012.11.04-1998 (Enterprise Standard)
No. Item Index Testing Method
1 Appearance colourless or light colour transparent, no mechanical admixture Q/SH 012.11.04-1998
2 Content, %(m/m) >= 98
3 TBC 1) mg/kg? 80120 GB 6020
Note: 1) TBC means tributyl citrate
2) TBC can be adjusted as per diment’s requirement
Major Applications: ?Isoprene is a very important C5 diene(s), and can be used to make, via polymerization, synthetic rubber, plastics and terpene’s compounds. It has typical conjugated double bond with reactive chemical nature, so that it can synthesize per?
Packing: Bulk or 200L drum. ?
Storage: Stored at low temperature, especially in summer, below 15, and well ventilated place, kept away from open fire, heat source and direct sunlight. The product is not suitable for long term storage due to its sensibility to polymerization, package should be sealed, better to fill it with N2. to isolate the air. Stored separately from oxidizer or acid,. ?
Transportation: As hazardous matters class I, the bulk can be handled by tank truck.. ?

  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;2-Methyl-1,3-butadiene;
  Molecular Formula: C5H8
  Molecular Weight: 68.12
  Molecular Structure: 78-79-5 Isoprene
  Hazard Symbols:  F+:Highly flammable;
  Risk Codes: R12:;
  Safety Description: S45:;

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