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Pigment Red 57:1-Rubine L4BD

  Post Date: Oct 14,2019
  Expiry Date: Oct 13,2020
  Detailed Description: CAS No.: 5281-04-9
EU No.: 226-109-5
C.I.No.: 15850:1
Formula: C18H12N2O6SCa
Molecular Weight: 424.46

Foreign relative brand:
D&C No.7 calcium Lake(SNCG)
Eljion Rubine 4BXG(EUCO)
Eupolen Red 45-6001(BASF)
Foscolor Rubine 57:1(FOS)
Lionol Rubine(MCC)
Lionol Rubine 1316-02(EHC)
Lutetia Rubine 4LDN 352(FRAN)
Micranyl Rubine 4BP-AQ(Ci)
Symuler Brill. Carmine 6B 246(DIC)
Vilma Lithol Rubine BKR(VIL)

Following are the technical data
Shade Bruish
Specific Gravity (g/cm3 H2O = 1)
Bulk density (lb/gal) 11.8-14.9
Melting Point (℃) 360
Average partical (um) 0.04-0.3
Surface area (m2/g) 21-105
PH value 7
Oil absorption(g/100g) 45
Tinting strength Semi-

Company Code No. Product
Name Application
UN8136 Rubine L4BD
transparent,offset inks,plastic
UN8137 Rubine 4BHD Blueish,
offset inks
UN8138 Rubine 6B300
Yellowish, high
transparent, offset inks,solvent
UN8139 Rubine 303 Blueish,
low viscosity, aqueous inks,
aqueous coating
UN8140 Rubine 188
Yellowish, low viscosity,
aqueous inks, aqueous coating
UN8141 Rubine 404B Blueish,
high transparent, solvent based
UN8142 Rubine 404
Yellowish, high
transparent, solvent based inks
UN8143 Rubine 8B Blueish,
high transparent, offset
UN8144 Rubine 6B
Yellowish, transparent,
offset inks, plastic

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