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Vinyl Acetate

  Post Date: Oct 10,2019
  Expiry Date: Apr 07,2020
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :108-05-4 Specs:Premium,1st grade,On-spec.


CAS No.: 108-05-4


Product Name:Industrial Vinyl Acetate  
Trade Mark:Sanren Brand  
Production Process:Vinyl acetate is produced from ethylene and acetic acid by vapor phase palladium-gold catalytic oxidation and rectification processes.  
Properties:Colorless and transparent liquid with aromatic smell. Flash point: -8℃, density: 0.932 g/cm3, slightly soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, easily react by addition with chlorine, bromine and ozone. By the action of heat light, peroxide and catalyst, free radical polymerization will take place. Category 3 dangerous good, low flash point inflammable liquid (originally class 1 inflammable liquid), explosion limit: 2.6~ 13.4%(v/v)  
Specifications:SH/T1628.1 - 1996 (petrochemical industry standard)
No.ItemQuality CriteriaTesting Method
Premium1st gradeOn-spec.
1Appearance colorless, transparent, free of mechanical impuritiesvisual check
2density (20℃) g/cm3 0.930-0.9340.930-0.9340.929-0.935GB/T 4472-84
3color (Pt-Co), unit<=51015GB/T 3143-82
4boiling range (101.325 KPa), ℃ 71.0-73.571.0-73.571.0-73.5GB/T 7534-87
5residue on evaporation, % (m/m)<=0.0050.050.05GB/T 6324.2-86
6acidity (as acetic acid), % (m/m)<=0.0050.020.02SH/T 1628.4-1996
7aldehydes (as acetaldehyde), % (m/m)<= 1628.5-1996
8water content, (m/m)<= 6283-86
9activity, min<=11.512-SH/T 1628.3-1996
10purity, % (m/m)>=99.8--SH/T 1628.2-1996
11inhibitor (hydroquinone content) determined by both sellers and buyersaccording to Annex A
Major Applications: Vinyl acetate can be used of various types of PVA, EVA, VAE and adhesives, emulsion by auto polymerization or copolymerization with other organic materials. Under certain circumstances it can replace methyl acrylate to meet the requirement of environment
Packing:Packed in 180kg steel drums or 20MT ISO tank .
Storage:Separately stored in dry, cool, ventilated tanks or warehouse, max. warehouse temperature should be lower than 30℃ and equipped with fire-fighting facilities.  
Transportation:Suitable for rail, road and sea transportation.  
Safety Precautions:1. Keep away from fire and heat source.
2. Its vapour with air may form explosive mixture.
3. Regulation on related dangerous chemical substances issued by the State must be observed for transport and the Permit to use chemicals obtained.
4. Take precautionary measures against static discharges when drumming and during transport.
5. Handle gently during transport, avoid strike, sunshine and rain.
6. Persons who are in touch with vinyl acetate must be aware of the safety regulations on vinyl acetate and equipped with protectors for safety.


  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;Acetic acid vinyl ester;ethenyl acetate;Vinyl Acetate Monomer;
  Molecular Formula: C4H6O2
  Molecular Weight: 86.0892
  Molecular Structure: 108-05-4 Vinyl acetate
  Hazard Symbols:  F:Flammable;
  Risk Codes: R11:;
  Safety Description: S16:;

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