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Yulchon Pharmaceutical co.,ltd
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About us

Yul-Chon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. works in close cooperation with the whole field of industry, especially the precision chemistry with the introduction of accumulated technologies from advanced countries into Korea. We have concentrated on developing (environment-friendly) biocide formulas and on manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates.

We have set our goals at new product development and technological innovation under the mission of becoming future-directed reliable biz specialized in the precision chemistry, one of the new millenium frontier industries, and for the purpose of this, we have concentrated our efforts on shortening manufacturing process and on supplying high-yield material.

We stock and offer various organic and inorganic compounds. And we cherish the environment most by the process of solvent recovery & distillation.We will always do our best for efficient production that improves our industrial ability.

Contact us
Web site:
1544-1 Seocho-Dong,Seocho-Ku,Seool,korea
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