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activated carbon

activated carbon

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary

CAS NO : 64365-11-3
EC NO : 231-153-3;264-846-4;240-383-3
Molecular Formula : C
Main Specifications : ZY-110
Synonyms : Whetlerite;Charcoal, except activated;HSDB 2017;Swine fly ash;Charcoal briquettes, shell, screenings, wood, etc.;NA1361;activated carbon;Graphite flake;activate carbon;coal based activated carbon;coal base activated carbon;Carbon;Activated carbon,coal;Medicinal Charcoal;active carbon;Charcoal actived;
activated carbon
Package: 20kgs/bag plastic bag inside and woven bag outside.
Uses : decoloring,refining and de-flavoring and espical for processing MSG
Molecular Structure:activated carbon 64365-11-3
Product description:

Powder AC for Monosodium glutamate

The series Activated Carbon are products through particular techniques and scientifically with sawdust as raw material. These Products are full of internal pore and large surface area. Those Pores full meet the molecule distributing of large, medium and small Pigment in Furun Acid solution in order to meet the great absorbability, great decolorizing quick filtration. It is propitious to adsorb all kinds of pigments of Furun Acid solution, corrective admixture. It has advantage in saving cost in SMG and Small pollutant. It can save 30% min cost than ordinary Activated Carbon. It can save man charge, material and cost. It is the best Activated Carbon widely used in decolorzing, refining and de-flavoring. In processing Monosodium Glutamate.

Packing: 20kg/plastic bag inner film

Test standard: national standard of wooden activated carbon GB/T12496-1999




Methylene blue adsorption rate, ml/0. 1g


Iron content? , %

Ash content,???????? % ≤

????????????? Size 200 mesh pass rate,% ≥









*The test method of Transmittancy(decoloring furun acid):????????????????????????????????? 1.the confecting of solution of furun acid: weigh up 100g dry furun acid put in 500ml beaker and put into 100ml distilled water and heat up 50°C. put in 50% NaOH solution and adjust PH value to 6.5-6.8, beat up it to full solved. Adopt 300ml.

2.Test method. Accurate access 1. 500g activated carbon with water, join the 300ml bran acid solution, under the condition of 60 ° c heat 30 minutes, with speed qualitative filter paper in the filter solution, disposed of to landfill leachate in early 15ml. Landfill leachate in wavelength is 430mm, optical drive tests under the condition of 10MM transmittance.


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