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Pigment Red 179

Details for Pigment Red 179

Pigment Red 179


Dyestuffs and Pigments

Pigment Red 179
CAS NO: 5521-31-3
EC NO: 226-866-1
Molecular Formula: C26H14N2O4
Molecular Weight: 418.4004
InChI: InChI=1/C26H14N2O4/c1-27-23(29)15-7-3-11-13-5-9-17-22-18(26(32)28(2)25(17)31)10-6-14(20(13)22)12-4-8-16(24(27)30)21(15)19(11)12/h3-10H,1-2H3
Packing: iron drum lined with plastic bag
Product description:

CAS NO: 5521-31-3Molecular Formula: C26H14N2O4Molecular Weight: 418.4Appearance: fuchsia powderColor Light: similar (compared to German standard sample)Tinting Power: 100±5% (compared to standard sample)Moisture:≤0.5%Water Soluble Salts: <0.5%Oil Absorption: 35±5%Fineness (80 mesh Sieve Residue): <5% Packing: iron drum lined with plastic bagNet Weight: 25 kg/pail, 50 kg/pailUse: coloring for automobile varnish and refinishing paint

Uses: coloring for automobile varnish and refinishing paint
Synonyms: C.I. 71130;C.I. Pigment Red 179;C.I. Vat Red 23;C.I71130;anthra(2,1,9-def:6,5,10-d'e'f')diisoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2h,9h)-tetrone, 2,9-dime;2,9-dimethylanthra(2,1,9-def:6,5,10-d'e'f')diisoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2h,9h )-te;trone;anthra[2,1,9-def:6,5,10-d'e'f']diisoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2h,9h)-tetrone, 2,9-dime;caledon red 2g;caledon red 2gn;hostaperm red p 2gl;indanthren red gg;palanthrene red gg;paliogen maroon 3920;paliogen maroon l 3920;paliogen maroon l 4020;paliogen red 4120;perylene bordeaux;perylene maroon;4:9,10-diimide, n,n'-dimethyl-perylenetetracarboxylic;pigment bordeaux perylene;ponsol red yf;variogen maroon 3920;1,9-def:6,5,10-d'e'f')diisoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2h,9h)-tetrone,2,9-dimethyl-anthra;vat red 23;Anthra[2,1,9-def:6,5,10-d'e'f']diisoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2H,9H)-tetrone,2,9-dimethyl-;2,9-dimethylisoquino[4',5',6':6,5,10]anthra[2,1,9-def]isoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2H,9H)-tetrone;N,N'-dimethyl-3,4,9,10-perylenedicarboximide;LT-S925;N,N'-Dimethyl-3,4,9,10-perylene dicarboximide;MePTC;
Molecular Structure: Pigment Red 179 5521-31-3
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