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Oil red

Details for Oil red

Oil red


Dyestuffs and Pigments/Azoic Dyes

Oil red
CAS NO: 85-86-9
EC NO: 201-638-4
Molecular Formula: C22H16N4O
Molecular Weight: 352.3886
Specification: Solvent Red 24
InChI: InChI=1/C22H16N4O/c27-21-15-10-16-6-4-5-9-20(16)22(21)26-25-19-13-11-18(12-14-19)24-23-17-7-2-1-3-8-17/h1-15,27H/b24-23-,26-25+
Product description:

The product is bluish transparent scarlet oil solvent dye. It is of good heat resistance, good light fastness and strong coloring power.


Light Fastness5-6 (In PS)

Uses: Mainly used in coloring of grease, liquid medicine,soap, wax, rubber toys, plastics, printing ink and transparent paint etc.
Synonyms: C.I. 26100;C.I. 23;C.I. Solvent Red 23;C.I. Solvent Red 23 (8CI);1-((4-(Phenylazo)phenyl)azo)-2-naphthalenol;2-Naphthalenol, 1-((4-(phenylazo)phenyl)azo)-;CI 26100;D & C Red no. 17;Solvent red 23;Sudan III;1-((p-Phenylazo)phenyl)azo-2-naphthol;1-(Phenylazophenylazo)-2-hydroxynaphthalene;111440 Red;2-Naphthol, 1-((p-(phenylazo)phenyl)azo)-;4-16-00-00248 (Beilstein Handbook Reference);AI3-02854;Atul Oil Red G;BRN 0931185;Benzeneazobenzeneazo-beta-naphthol;Brasilazina Oil Scarlet;CCRIS 7074;Cerasin Red;Cerasinrot;Cerotinscharlach R;Certiqual Oil Red;Cerven rozpoustedlova 23;Cerven rozpoustedlova 23 [Czech];D and C Red No. 17;EINECS 201-638-4;FD and C Red No. 17;Fast Oil Scarlet III;Fat Red (bluish);Fat Red HRR;Fat Red R;Fat Red RS;Fat Red RS (VAN);Fat Red, Bluish (VAN);Fat Scarlet LB;Fat Soluble Red ZH;Fettponceau G;Fettrot;Fettscharlach;Fettscharlach LB;Grasal Brilliant Red G;Grasan Brilliant Red G;Japan Red 225;Motirot 2R;NSC 65825;Oil Red;Oil Red 3G;Oil Red 6566;Oil Red AS;Oil Red G;Oil Scarlet;Oil Scarlet AS;Oil Scarlet G;Organol Red BS;Organol Scarlet;Ponceau, insoluble, OLG;Pyronalrot B;Red No. 225;Red ZH;Rouge cerasine;Scarlet B Fat Soluble;Schultz No. 31;Silotras Scarlet TB;Somalia Red III;Soudan III;Stearix Scarlet;Sudan G III;Sudan III (G);Sudan P III;Sudan Red III;Tetrazobenzene-beta-naphthol;Toney Red;UNII-ND733RX3JN;1-(4-(Phenylazo)phenylazo)-2-naphthol;2-Naphthalenol, 1-(2-(4-(2-phenyldiazenyl)phenyl)diazenyl)-;Sudan 3;D AND C RED NO 17;CI NO 26100;HERXHEIMER FAT STAIN;FAT PONCEAU G;FAT SOLUBLE SUDAN;1-[[P-(PHENYLAZO)PHENYL]AZO]-2-NAPHTHOL;Transparent Red HRR;C.I.Solvent Red 23;Red HRR;(1Z)-1-({4-[(E)-phenyldiazenyl]phenyl}hydrazono)naphthalen-2(1H)-one;1-({4-[(E)-phenyldiazenyl]phenyl}hydrazono)naphthalen-2(1H)-one;1-[(E)-{4-[(E)-phenyldiazenyl]phenyl}diazenyl]naphthalen-2-ol;Oil red 3004;
Molecular Structure: Oil red 85-86-9
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