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Phosphorus pentafluoride

Details for Phosphorus pentafluoride

Phosphorus pentafluoride


Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Phosphorus pentafluoride
CAS NO: 7647-19-0
EC NO: 231-602-3
Molecular Formula: H6F5P
Molecular Weight: 132.0145
InChI: InChI=1/5FH.H3P/h5*1H;1H3/q;;;;;+3/p-5
Synonyms: Phosphorus pentafluoride;HSDB 1254;Pentafluorophosphorane;Pentafluorophosphorus;Phosphorane, pentafluoro-;Phosphorus fluoride (PF5);Phosphorus, fluoride, penta-;Phosphorus pentafluoride, compressed;Phosphorus pentafluoride, compressed [UN2198] [Poison gas];UN2198;pentafluoro-lambda~5~-phosphane;
Molecular Structure: Phosphorus pentafluoride 7647-19-0
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