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shark cartilage powder

Details for shark cartilage powder

shark cartilage powder


Intermediates/Pharmaceutical intermediates

shark cartilage powder
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Specification: cryogenic grinding
Packing: 25kg/drum with double PE bags
Product description:
SOURCE: 100% PURE SHARK CARTILAGE You may have seen numerous products which contain fillers and adulterants which greatly dilute the amount of actual shark Cartilage in the product. While these products are usually less expensive than 100% pure shark Cartilage products, the difference in price does not justify the compromise in quality. Indeed, for those who choose to take high doses of shark Cartilage , the fillers and adulterants in these inferior quality products simply result in the user having to take even larger doses thereby further complicating the already unpleasant process of oral ingestion or rectal administration. We use 100% pure shark cartilage to ensure the high purity of active ingredient moreover, the cartilage would be processed carefully to maintain the nutritional active protein fiber. Properly Processed: Maintaining the active ingredient Even more important than the purity of the product is the manner in the product is processed. Any shark Cartilage product, to ensure quality and reliability, must be properly processed. The processing of dry powdered shark Cartilage involves four basic steps: (1) Cleaning; (2) Drying; (3) Pulverizing and (4) Sterilizing. These processes must be accomplished without rendering the active protein fibers ineffective. The key process to maintain the active protein is pulverizing. We pulverize the cartilage by cryogenic grinding. That is the cartilage was first embrittled in a extremly cold condition, where the minimum temperature could be minus 196℃.Then it was pulverized through mechanical process. By doing this, the active protein was maintained and thus to ensure the good quality and nutritional function of it. Conventional cleaning, drying, pulverization, and sterilization processes with their excessive heat and/or use of harsh solvents or chemicals often denature the active protein and render the Cartilage therapeutically valueless. Proteins are easily denatured by heat and other manufacturing processes and by various chemicals like solvents and acids that are designed to remove fats and other unneeded components. Drying In addition, the abundant water content of Cartilage (Cartilage is more than 85 percent water) and the way in which the water is bound within the Cartilage also make drying difficult and costly. Heat must be used sparingly since excessive heat is damaging. In shark Cartilage , at least one of the proteins active as an angiogenesis inhibitor is denatured if processing temperatures are elevated. Furthermore, both the Cartilage and the protein within it are inactivated if they are treated with solvents like acetone or submitted to strong acids for extended periods. Particle size Particle size, which is dependent on how well pulverized a material is, is another consideration. Shark Cartilage must be absorbed into the system as quickly as possible to prevent the protein from being digested by proteolytic enzymes. Shark Cartilage powder must therefore be pulverized finely enough to be quickly absorbed into the body system as a suspension of preformed protein. Experience has shown that at least 90 percent must pass through a 200-mesh screen for maximum effectiveness. This is finer than most talcum powders.Our cartilage powder porcessed by cryogenic grinding could 100% pass 200 mesh.
Uses: Food additives/pharmaceutical intermediate,health joint
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