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Low Phenylmethyl Silicone Fluid

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Low Phenylmethyl Silicone Fluid



Low Phenylmethyl Silicone Fluid
Molecular Formula:
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Product description:
Product Name: Low Phenylmethyl Silicone Fluid Item No.: Silibase-2850 Molecular Structural Formula: FEATURES: Clear, heat stable silicone fluid Remains pourable at very low temperatures Relatively flat viscosity temperature slope Highly resistant to permanent shear breakdown Retains excellent dielectric properties over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies Water repellent and resistant to the effects of most gases, salts, dilute alkalis, and acids Soluble in most aliphatic, aromatic, and chlorinated solvents and insoluble in water and most alcohols and glycols Serviceable from -57°C up to 200°C TYPICAL PROPERTIES: Specification writers: These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications. Physical properties Color Colorless Specific gravity at 25°C 0.985-0.997 Viscosity at 25°C mm?/s 50-500 Surface tension at 25°C mN/m 25 Electrical properties Electric strength kV/mm 13.8 Permittivity 2.77 Dissipation factor 0.0003 Volume resistivity Ohm·cm 1×1010 Thermal properties Freezing point °C <-57 Flash point - open cup °C 274 Thermal gel time at 250°C hours 240 Coefficient of expansion 1/K from 0 to 100°C 0.00096 Thermal conductivity W/(m.K) 0.15 Spontaneous ignition temperature °C 482 APPLICATIONS: Base oil in low temperature silicone greases. Lubricant for plastic bearings used at low temperatures. Fluid for liquid coupling. Damping fluid for instruments and devices. Heat transfer fluid in oil baths. PACKING, USABLE LIFE AND STORAGE: 20kg Iron Drum,200kg Iron Drum When stored at or below 60°C in the original unopened containers, this product has a usable life of 60 months from the date of production.
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