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Titanate coupling agent HW-802

Details for Titanate coupling agent HW-802

Titanate coupling agent HW-802


Catalyst and Auxiliary/Catalyst

Titanate coupling agent HW-802
CAS NO: 27858-32-8
EC NO: 248-697-2
Molecular Formula: C18H32O8Ti
Molecular Weight: 424.30888
InChI: InChI=1/2C6H10O3.2C3H7O.Ti/c2*1-3-9-6(8)4-5(2)7;2*1-3(2)4;/h2*4,7H,3H2,1-2H3;2*3H,1-2H3;/q;;2*-1;+4/p-2/b2*5-4-;;;/rC18H32O8Ti/c1-9-21-17(19)11-15(7)25-27(23-13(3)4,24-14(5)6)26-16(8)12-18(20)22-10-2/h11-14H,9-10H2,1-8H3/b15-11-,16-12-
Product description:
Typical Physical Properties:                                               
CAS No.:          27858-32-8
Mol.Wt:           424.32
Purity:            min.95.0 %( w/w)
Assay titanium:    8.9 %( w/w)
Aspect:            light red transparent liquid
Density :      (25��):1.096
Viscosity (25):      ��(25��)��30MPa•S
Freezing point :      25��
Solubility:   Soluble in isopropylalcohol, benzene and toluene.
Synonyms: Titanium(IV) bis(ethyl acetoacetato)diisopropoxide;Diisopropoxy-bisethylacetoacetatotitanate - TYZOR DC;TYZORPITASM;Titanium diisopropoxide bis(ethylacetoacetate);titanium(4+) bis[(1E)-1-ethoxy-3-oxobut-1-en-1-olate] dipropan-2-olate;bis[(Z)-3-ethoxy-1-methyl-3-oxo-prop-1-enoxy]-diisopropoxy-titanium;Diisopropoxy-bis ethylacetoacetato titanate;
Molecular Structure: Titanate coupling agent HW-802 27858-32-8
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