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Sodium methoxide

Details for Sodium methoxide

Sodium methoxide


Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

Sodium methoxide
CAS NO: 124-41-4
EC NO: 204-699-5
Molecular Formula: CH3NaO
Molecular Weight: 54.0237
InChI: InChI=1/CH3NaO/c1-2;/h2H,1H3;/q;+1
Product description:
1. Molecular formula: NaOCH3
2. Molecular weight: 54.024
Index name Value

Packing standard
Cardboard bucket 25kg
Plastic bucket 25kg
Zinc plated bucket100kg

Assay 98-99%
Free alkali ≤1.5%

3. Uses:
used in the synthesis of medicine and pesticide also applied in chemicals, dye, chemical fiber and food
4. Characteristics:
reliable method high assay of Solid Sodium methoxide , low Free alkali, lower storage cost and production period, good economic and social benefits.

Synonyms: Sodium methylate (powder/solution) (NM);sodium methanolate;Sodiummethoxide;Sodium methylate;Sodium methylate-methanol solution;methanol, sodium salt (1:1);NA 1289;metilatosodico;methylatedesodium;methoxysodium;Methanol,sodiumsalt;Methanol,sodium salt;feldalatnm;
Molecular Structure: Sodium methoxide 124-41-4
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