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Active carbon

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Active carbon


Inorganic chemicals

Active carbon
CAS NO: 7440-44-0
EC NO: 231-153-3;264-846-4;240-383-3
Molecular Formula: C
Molecular Weight: 12.01
InChI: InChI=1/C
Product description:
Odorless, tasteless black powder or grains.As strong reducing agent and is used as such in purifying metals, in electrodes, electrical devices & steel.
Synonyms: Whetlerite;Charcoal, except activated;HSDB 2017;Swine fly ash;Charcoal briquettes, shell, screenings, wood, etc.;NA1361;activated carbon;Graphite flake;activate carbon;coal based activated carbon;coal base activated carbon;Carbon;Activated carbon,coal;Medicinal Charcoal;active carbon;Charcoal actived;
Molecular Structure: Active carbon 7440-44-0
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