Chartwell International, Inc.

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Chartwell International, Inc.
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About us

The Corporation was formed in January 1991 by Lawrence B. Cohen as a manufacturer of unique proprietary metal organic adhesion promoters marketed worldwide to manufacturers of specialty rubbers, coatings, abrasives, adhesives, plastics, and similar specialty chemical end users. For its first two years the company confined its marketing activities to Taiwan, Korea, and Western Europe due to a post contractual obligation which precluded LBC from engaging in activities in the US market during this time. This marketing was achieved by entering into agreements with established distributors with whom LBC had long-standing prior relationships.

By late 1992, Chartwell began to make a significant entry into the US marketplace with publication of several press releases introducing its products and with the concomitant establishment of a network of US sales agents. Today the company is served by sales agents throughout the US in addition to our international agents; providing us with a sales staff numbering greater than seventy individuals. Chartwell is dedicated to continued growth and expansion of our technology.

The company began with three liquid products in January of 1991. Our product offerings now consist of forty different liquid products and six solid products (Trade name Chartsil). We constantly strive to expand and improve upon our existing technology.

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100 John Dietsch Blvd., Attloboro Falls, MA 02763
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