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sodium silicate

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sodium silicate


Adhesives and Sealants/Acrylic Adhesives

sodium  silicate
CAS NO: na2onsio2
EC NO: 215-687-4
Molecular Formula: Na2SiO3
Molecular Weight: 100.0814
InChI: InChI=1/2Na.O3Si/c;;1-4(2)3/q2*+1;-2
Product description:
Product and its applications The common name of this product is water glass and its chemical name is sodium silicate. It is a kind of rubber composed of the alkali metals and silicate. Its chemical structure is Na2O.nSiO2.Ir is divided into sodium water glass and potassium water glass according to the alkali metal it contains .It is divided into the following three groups according to the moisture content. 1. Blocky or powderous water glass; 2. Solid water glass containing chemically bound water; 3. Water solution of blocky water glass, namely liquid water glass. The most commonly used one is liquid water glass, also called sodium water glass. The solid water glass (also called sodium silicate) is further divided into two kinds, the solid kind and the water quenched kind Water glass is widely used in the paper making industry, the construction materials industry ,the precision casting industry and the textile industry .It is the major material in silica gel, alumino silica gel , zeolite ,molecular sieve and carbon white.
Synonyms: Silicic acid, sodium salt;Sodium silicate solution;Agrosil LR;Agrosil S;Britesil;Britesil H 20;Britesil H 24;Carsil (silicate);Caswell No. 792;DP 222;Dryseq;EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 072603;HK 30 (van);HSDB 5028;L 96 (salt);Metso 99;N 38;Portil A;Pyramid 1;Pyramid 8;Sikalon;Sodium polysilicate;Sodium sesquisilicate;Sodium silicate glass;Sodium siliconate;Sodium water glass;UNII-IJF18F77L3;tetrasodium orthosilicate;disodium 1,3-dioxodisiloxane-1,3-diolate;hexasodium disiloxane-1,1,1,3,3,3-hexolate;sodium, oxygen(-2) anion, silicon, sodium;sodium hydroxy(oxo)silanolate;
Molecular Structure: sodium  silicate na2onsio2
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