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Zinc Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:7646-85-7;   MF:ZnCl2
Phosphoric Acid Inquire
CAS NO:7664-38-2;   MF:H3PO4
Usage: Used as cleaner for printed circuit, acidic flavoring for fo...
Caustic Soda Inquire
CAS NO:1310-73-2;8012-01-9;   MF:NaOH
Appearance: Pearl & Flake, White and lustrous; Slight yellow is all...
Sodium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:GB/T4553-93;   MF:NaNO3
Properties: White or slight yellow crystal. Specific Density: 2.168...
Sodium Nitrite Inquire
CAS NO:7632-00-0;   MF:NaNO2
Properties: White or slight yellow crystal. Specific Density: 2.168...
Potassium Bicarbonate Inquire
CAS NO:298-14-6;   MF:KHCO3
Property: Potassium Bicarbonate is colorless and transparent crysta...
Ammonium Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:12125-02-9;   MF:NH4Cl
Property: Ammonium Chloride is a colorless cubic crystal or white c...
Soda Ash Inquire
CAS NO:497-19-8;7542-12-3;   MF:Na2CO3
Application: Mainly used in chemical industry, glass-manufacturing,...
Monoammonium Phosphate Inquire
CAS NO:7722-76-1;   MF:NH4·H2PO4
Properties: White powder or granular material(Granular product part...
Sodium Tripolyphosphate Inquire
CAS NO:7758-29-4;   MF:Na5P3O10
The industrial sodium tripory phosphate used as detergent catalyst,...
Monopotassium Phosphate Inquire
CAS NO:7778-77-0;   MF:KH2PO4
In industry, used as buffer, culture agent, ect; In agriculture, us...
Ammonium Calcium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:15245-12-2;   MF:Ca·xH3N·xHNO3
Property: It is white prill and easily soluble in water. Packing: P...
Magnesium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:10377-60-3;   MF:Mg(NO3)2
Properties: It is monoclinic crystal. It is easily soluble in water...
Calcium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:10124-37-5;   MF:Ca(NO3)2
Calcium NitrateProperty: Calcium Nitrate is colorless and transpare...
Potassium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:7757-79-1;   MF:KNO3
Potassium Nitrate?Property:Potassium Nitrate is colorless and trans...
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