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Monosodium Phosphate

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Monosodium Phosphate



Monosodium Phosphate
CAS NO: 7758-80-7
EC NO: 231-449-2
Molecular Formula: NaH2PO4
Molecular Weight: 119.98
Specification: food grade crystalline powder
InChI: InChI=1/Na.H3O4P/c;1-5(2,3)4/h;(H3,1,2,3,4)/q+1;/p-1
Packing: 25kg net weight with craft bag
Product description:
With strong technical support,we have made our products meet the standard of FCC and USP 1Chemical name: Monosodium Phosphate 2M. F.:NaH2PO4 3M. W. : 119.98 4Physical properties: White rhombic crystalline or white crystalline granule easily soluble in water,almost insoluble in ethanol,acidic property appeared in a aqueous solution. 5 Quality standard:: (HG 2919-2000,FCC-iv) Name of index HG 2919-2000 FCC-iv Monosodium Phosphate NaH2PO4 (on dried material) ≥ % 98.0-103.0 98.0-103.0 Water Insoluble ≤% 0. 2 0. 2 Arsenic (As) ≤% 0.0003 0.0003 Heavy Metal (as Pb) ≤% 0.001 0.001 Fluoride (as F) ≤% 0.005 0.005 pH (1% aqueous solution) 4.2-4.6 - Loss on lgnition ≤% 2.0 2.0 6,Usage:Used as improver, emulsifier in food processing in food industry. Mainly applied to cheese, drinks and jelly. 7,Packing: It is packed with ployethylene bags as line-r , and a woven bag as the outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg. 8,Storage and transport: It should be stored in a dry . ventilative and clean warthouse; kept away from moisture and hot, Furthermore, it should be stored separstely from poisonous Substances
Uses: preservatives food additives
Synonyms: Sodium dihydrogen phosphate;Sodium phosphate, monobasic;sodium dihydrogenorthophosphate;Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, anhydrous;Monosodium Phosphate;MSP;Monosodium Phosphate Dihydrate;SODIUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE-16O4;acidsodiumphosphate;monosodiumdihydrogenorthophosphate;monosodiumhydrogenphosphate;monosodiumphosphate(sodiumdihydrogen;monosodiumphosphate(sodiumdihydrogenphosphate);monosorbxp-4;phosphatemonobasiquedesodium;Mono Sodium Phosphate;Sodium phosphate monobasic;Sodium Dihydrogen Monophosphate;Monosodium Phosphate anhydride;MONOSODIUM PHOSPHATE ANHYDROUS;Sodium dihydrogen phosphate (anhydrous);
Molecular Structure: Monosodium Phosphate 7758-80-7
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