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Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Details for Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Sodium Tripolyphosphate



Sodium Tripolyphosphate
CAS NO: 7758-29-4
EC NO: 231-838-7
Molecular Formula: Na5P3O10
Molecular Weight: 367.86413
Specification: food grade crystalline powder
InChI: InChI=1S/H5O10P3/c1-11(2,3)9-13(7,8)10-12(4,5)6/h(H,7,8)(H2,1,2,3)(H2,4,5,6)/p-5
Packing: 25kg net weight with craft bag
Product description:
STPP is one of our main product. STPP in Granular can quickly dissolve in water. Which widely used in food processing. Sodium tripolyphosphate is a white ganular material, it can flow freely, Free from extraneous material. No foreigh flavour.No foreigh Odour. Freely soluble in water, Insoluble in ethanol. Which complies with the specifications of QB1034-1991, FCC and EC Directive for food additives. Which widely used in meat , aquatic products. Used in food processing as quality improver, PH regulator, buffer, sequestrant and emulsifier. Packing is kraft paper bags with inner PE bags. Please see attached Specifications of STPP: INDEX UNIT SPECIFICATIONS RESULT Grade food class confirm Appearance white powder confirm dissolubility( in water) pass confirm PH(10g/L aq.soln) 9.0-10.2 9.8 Purity % 95.0min 96.5 P2O5 % 56.0-59.0 57.3 alkalinity (10g/L aq.soln) ml 5.1-5.5 5.4 Fe ppm 100(max) <100 As ppm 3(max) <3 Heavy metal(as Pb) ppm 2(max) <2 Pb ppm 5(max) <2 Cd ppm 1(max) <1 Cr ppm 1(max) <1 Hg ppm 1(max) <1 *Above Typical data can not regard as specification, only as reference.
Uses: preservatives food additives
Synonyms: pentasodium triphosphate;Pentasodium Tripolyphosphate;Sodium Phosphate Tripoly;STPP;Triphosphoric acid, pentasodium salt;Pent-sodium Phosphate;Sodium triphosphate;Sodium Tripolyphos;sodium phosphate (3:1);
Molecular Structure: Sodium Tripolyphosphate 7758-29-4
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