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zinc bromide

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zinc bromide



zinc bromide
CAS NO: 7699-45-8
EC NO: 231-718-4
Molecular Formula: ZnBr2
Molecular Weight: 225.217
Specification: Zinc Bromide 1.Cas no.: 7699-45-8 2.Appearance: White grains or powder 3.Main content: 96% min
InChI: InChI=1/2BrH.Zn/h2*1H;/q;;+2/p-2
Packing: 25kg PP bag or plastic drum of 300Kg
Product description:
Description Zinc Bromide / Calcium Bromide (ZnBr2 / CaBr2) brine, often referred to as zinc bromide, is available weighing 19.2 lb/gal (2301 kg/M3) and is 54.5% zinc bromide and 19.5% calcium bromide. It is used for clear-brine workover, completion and packer fluids that require high density. Application & Features Zinc Bromide / Calcium Bromide brine is used as a clear-fluid brine during workover and completion operations which require densities up to 19.2 lb/gal (2301 kg/M3). It is blended with calcium chloride/calcium bromide brines to formulate and control density of various fluids blends. This brine provides inhibition preventing the hydration and migration of swelling clays and can be used for packer fluids. Fluids can be formulated with various crystallization points and are available for special applications and winter use. For customers' options, the materials are available with Zinc Bromide liquid, Zinc Bromide powder and Zinc Bromide / Calcium Bromide solution. Typical Specification Appearance Colorless clear liquid Main content, % min. 70.0 Water insoluble matter, % max. 0.30 pH 3.0 - 6.0 Appearance White crystalline powder Main content, % min. 96.0 Water insoluble matter, % max. 0.30 pH 3.0 - 6.0 Appearance Colorless to honey clear liquid Zinc Bromide, % 50 - 55 Calcium Bromide, % 19 - 25 pH, solution with distilled water 1:10 4.5 - 6.5 Specific gravity, g/ml, min. 2.30
Uses: industrial usage
Synonyms: Zincbromideanhydrous;Zincbromidewhitepowder;ZincbromidePURATREM;Zinc(II) bromide;zinc dibromide;
Molecular Structure: zinc bromide 7699-45-8
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