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Details for Tungsten



Metals and Minerals

CAS NO: 7440-33-7
EC NO: 231-143-9
Molecular Formula: W
Molecular Weight: 183.84
InChI: InChI=1/W
Product description:

  We use high-quality tungsten powder made into excellent performance tungsten slabs. By special processing, produce hot-rolling and cold-rolling products with high quality Tungsten plates, Tungsten Sheet, Tungsten Rods, Tungsten Wires, Tungsten boats and etc, with good processing performance, and low impurity content.

  1、Tungsten Plate, SheetApplications:

  - Suitable for producing ion implantation parts.

  - For producing electric light source parts,components of electric vacuum.

  - For producing W-boats,heat shield and heat bodies in high temperature furnace.

  - Used for tungsten sputtering target.

  Size: 0.05~50mm(Thickness)×50~500mm(Width)×100~1500mm(Length)

  2、Tungsten Rods

Synonyms: Tungstenrodmmdiameter;Tungstenpowdermicron;TungstenwireNmmdia;TungstenrodannealedNmmdiacagcm;Tungsten (0.18 m2/g) (nitrogen BET specific surface area);TungstenwireN;TungstenpowderNmesh;TungstenpowderNmicron;Tungsten1;Tungsten2;Tungsten3;Tungsten5;Tungsten4;Tungsten Metal;Tungsten rod annealed 99.98%;Tungsten powder;Tungsten wire 99.95%;Tungsten wire;Tungsten solution 1000 ppm;tungsten;Tungsten nano-micron powder;
Molecular Structure: Tungsten 7440-33-7
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