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UBE Industries
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About us

Ube Industries' core business is chemicals, which are widely used in everyday products ranging from digital consumer products and household goods to automotive parts and pharmaceuticals. At the other end of the spectrum, we manufacture chemicals used for advanced applications such as the aerospace industry.

Ube Industries also manufactures various non-chemical products used to support our lifestyles, such as cement, construction materials and aluminum wheels.

Throughout its corporate history, which stretches more than 100 years, Ube Industries has shown a continued commitment to making highly innovative products. In so doing, the company has remained faithful to a philosophy of mutual coexistence and co-prosperity with its stakeholders, which range from customers and suppliers to shareholders and local communities.

"Wings of Technology, Spirit of Innovation." These words encapsulate the very DNA and core identity that drives the global success of Ube Industries in its lengthy corporate history. A ceaseless inner commitment to innovation and the desire to bring about products that meet modern needs through the creative use of technology, combined with a philosophy of coexistence with the community. We look forward to your continued support and understanding as we channel our group-wide energies to realize these goals through our focus on specialty chemicals.

Contact us
Web site:
Seavans North Bldg,1-2-1,Shibaura,Minato-Ku,Tokyo 105-8449
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