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Liquid Chlorine

Details for Liquid Chlorine

Liquid Chlorine


Inorganic chemicals

Liquid Chlorine
CAS NO: 7681-52-9
EC NO: 231-668-3
Molecular Formula: NaClO
Molecular Weight: 68.4597
InChI: InChI=1/ClO.Na/c1-2;/q-1;+1
Product description:




Chlorine has diversified uses in the synthesis of inorganic and organic chemicals, in many of which it does not appear in the end product but enters into the intermediate steps. It is mainly used in solvents, automotive antifreeze and antiknock compounds, pesticides, plastic, resins, and elastomers, refrigeration fluids propellants, inorganic compounds and metallurgical uses, organic intermediate, pulp and paper, water supply and sewage treatment, etc.

Appearance Greenish Yellow
Physical state Liquified compr. Gas
Vapour pressure @ 35oC 4800 mm Hg at 20oC
Boiling point / Range -34oC
Melting / freezing point -101oC
Vapour density 2.49
Specific Gravity 1.47 at 20oC
Solubility in water Not soluble
Odour Irritating, Bleach like Choking Odour
Others Soluble in alkalies


Chemical Identity
Formula : Cl2 CAS No. 7782 - 50- 5
UN No. 1017 Codes - Class 2
Hazchem Code: 2 XE


Tonners and Cylinders

STEL 3 ppm - 9 mg/m3
Permissible exposure limits 1 ppm - 3 mg/m3
TLV (ACGIH) 1 ppm - 3 mg /m3
Odour Threshold 3.5 ppm - 10.16 mg/m3


Storage: Store cylinder and ton containers in cool, dry, well ventilated & relatively isolated area, protected from direct sun light and extreme temperature changes. Store cylinder upright and secure them so that they do not fall down. Keep enough space between two containers so that all are accessible in case of emergency.


Do not allow over loading of the containers. Don't carry any other good/luggage/fire hazardous substances in the trucks. Carry a gas mask within the vehicles. Carry the literature of chlorine handling in the vehicle. Never park the vehicle under direct sun light. Cover the containers with tarpaulin etc.

Synonyms: TEEPOL BLEACH;Sodium hypochlorite solution;SODA BLEACHING LYE;b-kliquid;carrel-dakinsolution;caswellno776;chloros;chlorous acid;Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant;
Molecular Structure: Liquid Chlorine 7681-52-9
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