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Magnesium sulfate anhydrous

Magnesium sulfate anhydrous

Category :

Inorganic chemicals

CAS NO : 7487-88-9;139939-75-6
EC NO : 231-298-2
Molecular Formula : MgSO4
Main Specifications : industrial grade, agricultural grade, food grade
Synonyms : Sulfuric acid, magnesium salt (1:1);CCRIS 8411;Tomix OT;NSC 146179;Sal Angalis;Magnesium sulfate-dried;Magnesium sulphate;Magnesium sulfate;Magnesium Sulphate Hepta;Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrate;
Magnesium sulfate anhydrous
Package: 25kg/PP bag, PE liner, 1000kg/pallet
Molecular Structure:Magnesium sulfate anhydrous 7487-88-9;139939-75-6
Product description:

Formula: MgSO4

Relative molecular weight: 120.36

CAS No. :7487 -88-9

EINECS :231-298-2

Test item



White powder or crystal

Purity ≥ %


Magnesium sulfate ≥ %


MgO ≥ %


Mg ≥ %




Iron(Fe)≤ %


Chloride(Cl)≤ %


Pb ≤ %


Arsenic(As)≤ %


Features and application:

Magnesium sulfate, also known as sulfur bitter, bitter salt, epsomite, Epsom salts, magnesium industry generally refers to 7 water magnesium sulfate, is a white fine oblique ramp-like or columnar crystals, odorless, bitter taste, the relative density of 1.68. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, in the air (drying) of powdered easily weathered. A magnesium compound.

Product Use:

(1) Agricultural

Magnesium is an important component of chlorophyll, which is essential for photosynthesis. Magnesium helps to crop growth and yield. It not only provides magnesium and sulfur, and can loosen the soil. Magnesium is to improve productivity and an important component of agricultural production must be promptly replenish it. Usually used for potted plants or magnesium crops, such as tomatoes, potatoes, roses and so on. Magnesium sulphate fertilizer advantage compared to other high solubility.

(2) Livestock

Feed-grade magnesium as magnesium supplements in feed processing. Magnesium is involved in osteoblast animal body and muscle contraction process indispensable factor is the animal in vivo activator of many enzymes of animal body's metabolism and nerve function plays an extremely important role. If the animal body magnesium deficiency will result in metabolism and neurological disorders, the supply imbalance, affecting the growth and development of livestock and poultry, and even lead to death.

(3) Industrial

ABS and PVC resin for synthetic additives, paper, printing and dyeing industry. Also used in industrial wastewater treatment, sewage effluent coagulation and sedimentation play a role, to reach the emission standards. In the tanning industry as filler enhanced heat resistance. The fabric used in the dyeing agent, weighting agent, magnesium dye. In fireproof materials such as acrylic resin, flame retardants. Crystal containing a small amount of water or no water of crystallization is not too high water content for the product synthesis and mixing the ingredients, used in organic chemical industry for drying and dehydrating agent used for dyeing thin cotton, silk, cotton and silk as weighting agent and kapok filler products.

(4) pharmaceutical industry

On magnesium sulfate in the pharmaceutical processing as laxatives, anti-seizure drugs, magnesium trisilicate, meleumycinum, acetylspiramycin and muscle past other drugs.

(5) Light

For the production of fresh yeast, MSG, artificial snow, drinks, mineral water, bath salts, detergents, shampoo, etc.

(6) food industry

Magnesium sulfate is used in the food industry lactic acid, monosodium glutamate.

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