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Details for PVP K30




CAS NO: 9003-39-8
Molecular Formula: (C6H9NO)n
Molecular Weight: 111.143
Specification: K15, K17, K25, K30, K90
Packing: 25kg/fiber drum, 9mt/20''container
Product description:
We are a PVP K30 and other PVP style factory. Please visit more on PVP exists as powder or aqueous solution. It can dissolve in water and variety of organic solvent. It is generally used in cosmetics, surfactants, pharmaceutical industry and other related industrial fields. Application: Pharma Grade: Mainly used as biner for tablet Dissolving assistant for injection Flow assistant for capsule Dispersant for liquid medicine and pigment Stabilizer for enzyme and heat sensitive drug Coprecipitant for poorly soluble drugs lubricator etc Cosmetic Grade: Film-formers, thickeners, lubricants, and binders in hair-setting lotions Detoxifiers and detergents in shampoos and toothpastes. Dispersants in hair colors Lubricants in skin care products. Coatings and dispersants for pigments. Thickeners and adhesives in glue sticks and pick-up adhesives. Smoothing agents in glass fibers sizing. Tech Grade: Anti-redeposition and anti-dye transfer agents in laundry detergents Stabilizers for suspensions, dispersions and emulsions. Protective colloids and polymerization stabilizers in synthetic resins. Protective colloids and dispersants in paints and coatings. Viscosity adjustors in printing inks and writing inks. Auxiliaries in paper coating and strengthening. Stabilizers in carbon black ink or paints. Specification: Appearance White or off-white powder K Value 27.00~32.00 Moisture, % (K.F.) ≤5.00 PH (5% aqueous solution) 3.00~7.00 Vinylpyrrolidone, % ≤0.10 Aldehyde, % ≤0.05 Nitrogen, % 11.50~12.80 Ignition residue, % ≤0.10 Hydrazine, ppm ≤1.00 Ash, % ≤0.02 Sulfide ash, % ≤0.10 Peroxide (as H2O2), ppm ≤400 Heavy Metal (as Pb), ppm ≤10.0 Effective Constituent, % ≥95.0
Uses: Cosmetics, surfactants, pharmaceutical industry
Synonyms: Polyvinyl pyrrolidone;Povidone;PVP;PVP-K;PVP-K17;PVP-K25;Polyvinylpyrrolidine;PVP-K30;PVP K 30;PVP-K90;poly vinyl pyrrolidone;K-30;Crospovidone;Polyinylpyrrolidone;Polyvinglpyrrolidone;PVP K30/K90;K30;PVP K30;Povidone K25 K30 K90;poly vinyl pyrrolidinone(K=90)urethane;POVIDONE K-17;
Molecular Structure: PVP K30 9003-39-8
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