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Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride Inquire
CAS NO:5470-11-1;   MF:H4ClNO
Molecular Formula: NH2OH·HCL M.W.:69.5Physicochemical Property:whi...
2-Nitrotoluene Inquire
CAS NO:88-72-2;   MF:C7H7NO2
Citric acid Inquire
CAS NO:77-92-9;   MF:C6H8O7
Molecular formula: C6H8O7·H2O Molecular weight: 210.14 Appearance:...
p-cresol Inquire
CAS NO:106-44-5;   MF:C7H8O
Sodium bromide Inquire
CAS NO:7647-15-6;   MF:NaBr
Molecular formula: NaBr  CAS No.: 7647-15-6 Appearance White c...
Zinc acetate Inquire
CAS NO:557-34-6;   MF:C4H6O4Zn
Zinc acetate as hexahedron scales or crystal shiny, with acetic ac...
Piperazine Inquire
CAS NO:110-85-0;   MF:C4H10N2
Piperazine is a colorless crystal, the absorption of water and car...
Sodium bisulfite Inquire
CAS NO:7631-90-5;   MF:NaHSO3
Sodium Bisulfite, a white crystalline powder. Smell of sulfur diox...
Carbohydrazide Inquire
CAS NO:497-18-7;   MF:CH6N4O
Carbohydrazide white fine short columnar crystal or white crystalli...
Acetonitrile Inquire
CAS NO:75-05-8;   MF:C2H3N
Acetonitrile (acetonitrile), also known as methyl cyanide, colorle...
o-Xylene Inquire
CAS NO:95-47-6;   MF:C8H10
Colorless transparent liquid, with a similar smell of toluene. The...
Benzoquinone Inquire
CAS NO:106-51-4;   MF:C6H4O2
Benzoquinone (benzoquinone) is a kind of quinone. Molecular formul...
O-phthalaldehyde Inquire
CAS NO:643-79-8;   MF:C8H6O2
Two formaldehyde, referred to as OPA, light yellow needle crystal....
Ammonium silicofluoride Inquire
CAS NO:16919-19-0;   MF:H4FNO2Si
Colorless crystalline powder, soluble in alcohol and water. Non in...
Sodium fluoride Inquire
CAS NO:7681-49-4;   MF:NaF
Sodium fluoride: colorless crystal or white powder, the proportion ...
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