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4,4-diaminodiphenyl sulphone Inquire
CAS NO:80-08-0;   MF:C12H12N2O2S
Product name 4-Aminophenyl sulfone CAS RN 80-08-0 EINECS No. 201-2...
Bis (4-chlorophenyl) sulphone Inquire
CAS NO:80-07-9;   MF:C12H8Cl2O2S
Product name Bis (4-chlorophenyl) sulphone CAS RN 80-07-9 EINECS N...
P-Phenylenediamine Inquire
CAS NO:106-50-3;   MF:C6H8N2
Product name P-Phenylenediamine CAS RN 106-50-3 EINECS No. 203-404...
M-Phenylenediamine Inquire
CAS NO:108-45-2;   MF:C6H8N2
Product name M-Phenylenediamine CAS RN 108-45-2 EINECS No. 203-584...
1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone Inquire
CAS NO:872-50-4;2687-44-7;   MF:C5H9NO
Product name 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone CAS RN 872-50-4; 2687-44-7 E...
Hydrazine hydrate Inquire
CAS NO:10217-52-4;7803-57-8;   MF:H6N2O
Product name: Hydrazine hydrate Alias: Hydrazine hydroxide hydrate...
Dichloromethane Inquire
CAS NO:75-09-2;   MF:CH2Cl2
Product name Dichloromethane CAS RN 75-09-2 EINECS No. 200-838-9 M...
Trichloroethane Inquire
CAS NO:25323-89-1;   MF:C2H3Cl3
Product name Trichloroethane CAS RN 25323-89-1 Molecular formula C...
Dichloroethane Inquire
CAS NO:1300-21-6;107-06-2;52399-93-6;   MF:C2H4Cl2
Product name Dichloroethane CAS RN 1300-21-6; 107-06-2; 52399-93-6...
Phosphorus trichloride Inquire
CAS NO:7719-12-2;   MF:PCl3
Product name Phosphorus trichloride CAS RN 7719-12-2 EINECS No. 23...
Phosphorus oxychloride Inquire
CAS NO:10025-87-3;   MF:Cl3OP
Product name Phosphorus oxychloride CAS RN 10025-87-3 EINECS No. 2...
Triethyl phosphate Inquire
CAS NO:78-40-0;   MF:C6H15O4P
Product name Triethyl phosphate CAS RN 78-40-0 EINECS No. 201-114-...
Glycidyl methacrylate Inquire
CAS NO:106-91-2;   MF:C7H10O3
Product name Glycidyl methacrylate CAS RN 106-91-2 EINECS No. 203-...
Triethyl Orthoformate Inquire
CAS NO:122-51-0;108055-42-1;   MF:C7H16O3
Product name Triethyl Orthoformate CAS RN 122-51-0; 108055-42-1 EI...
Trimethyl orthoformate Inquire
CAS NO:149-73-5;   MF:C4H10O3
Product name Trimethyl orthoformate CAS RN 149-73-5 EINECS No. 205...
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