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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Other Auxiliary Agent

CAS NO : 78-67-1
EC NO : 201-132-3
Molecular Formula : C8H12N4
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : 2,2-Azobisisobutyronitrile;AIBN;Azo-iso-butyronitrile;2,2-dimethyl-2,2-azodipropiononitrile;2,2-Azobsisobutyronitril;2,2-Azodi(isobutyronitrile);2,2'-Azodiisobutyronitrile;Azo two different nitrile;2,2'-(E)-diazene-1,2-diylbis(2-methylpropanenitrile);2-(1-cyano-1-methyl-ethyl)azo-2-methyl-propanenitrile;Azobis(isbutyronitrile);2,2'-Azobisisobutyronitrile;
Molecular Structure:AIBN 78-67-1
Product description: 2'-Azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN/V60) CAS No: 78-67-1 Molecular weight: 164.21 Structural Formula: Product introduction: AIBN is a white crystal or crystalline powder, which is insolvable in water,solvable in organic solvent such as methyl alcohol,ethanol,acetone,ethyl ether and light petroleum etc.lce point of pure product is 105oC,The product is decomposed flashily and releases nitrogen gas in the position of melting and decomposed slowly under ordinary temperature, which should be stored under 20°C. Uses: AIBN is mainly used as polymerization initiator of monomer such as chloroethylene, vinyl acetate, acrylonitrile, etc; also used as blowing agent for PVC, polyalkene, polyurethane, polyvinyl alcohol, acrylonitrile/butadiene copolymer, chloroethylene copolymer, acrylonitrile/ butadiene/styrene copolymer, polyisocyanate, polyvinyl acetate, polyamide and polyester, etc. Moreover, it is also used in other organic synthesis. Product specification: Item Index Appearance White crystal or crystalline powder Assay ≥99% Melting Point 100-103°C Volatile Matters ≤0.1% Insoluble in Methyl Alcohol ≤0.01% Visible Contamination ≤10specks/10g Fe ≤2ppm Cl ≤0.003% Packing specification: 20kg/drum/carton(with commodity inspection sheet)
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