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Titanium(IV) isopropoxide

Details for Titanium(IV) isopropoxide

Titanium(IV) isopropoxide


Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Titanium(IV) isopropoxide
CAS NO: 546-68-9
EC NO: 208-909-6
Molecular Formula: C12H28O4Ti
Molecular Weight: 284.22
InChI: InChI=1/4C3H8O.Ti/c4*1-3(2)4;/h4*3-4H,1-2H3;
Product description:

CAS NO. : 546-68-9

Other name : Titanium(IV) Isopropoxide / Titanium(4+) tetra(2-propanolate)

TITANIUM ISOPROPOXIDE / titanium(4+)salt

EINECS : 208-909-6

[ M.F. ]: C 12 H 28 O 4 Ti

[M.W. ]: 284.215

Molecular structure :

USE : 1. Catalysts mainly used for transesterification and condensation reactions in organic synthesis.

2. It can be used as a catalyst for transesterification reaction and polymerization reaction. It can also be used as a raw material for the pharmaceutical industry and for the preparation of metal and rubber, adhesives for metals and plastics, etc. Rapid decomposition in water. Soluble in absolute ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene and chloroform. Used as a polymerization catalyst.

Synonyms: tetraisopropyl orthotitanate;Titanium tetraisopropoxide;Tetraisopropyl titanate;Isopropyltitanate;Titanium isopropoxide;Titanium(IV) i-propoxide;Tetraisopropoxytitanium(IV);TITANIUM ISO-PROPYLATE;titanium(4+) tetrapropan-2-olate;propan-2-ol - titanium (4:1);TPT;ISOPROPYL TITANATE;Titanium tetraisopropanolate;Titanium tetraisopropylate;
Molecular Structure: Titanium(IV) isopropoxide 546-68-9
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