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Germany Catalyst and Auxiliary Suppliers List

  • Raschig AG   [Germany]

        Fritz RASCHIG, an enthusiastic chemist, took the leap to independence in 1891. The town Ludwigshafen granted his application to set up a chemical factory. Apart from the...
    Mundenheimer Strasse 100 D-67061 Ludwigshafen

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  • Rutgers Chemicals AG    [Germany]

    RuTGERS Chemicals GmbH is an internationally active base chemicals company within the RAG Group. R躎GERS Chemicals is Europe抯 leading producer of tar chemicals and a global raw materials...
    c/o Rutgers Organics, 201 Struble Rd. State College, PA 16801

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  • HAARMANN & REIMER GMBH(Headquarter for Flavors...   [Germany]

    Postfach 1253, D-37601 Holzminden M?lenfeldstra? 1, D-37603 Holzminden

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  • Matreya, Inc.   [Germany]

        Matreya, Inc. is committed to the development and manufacture of lipids and biochemicals of the highest quality and value to our customers. Our experience in chemical sy...
    168 Tressler Street Pleasant Gap, PA 16823

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  • Polymer Standards Service   [Germany]

        is your personal partner for all tasks of polymer research and characterization is a DIN/EN/ISO-9001 company and has been a reliable source of high quality products and ...
    In der Dalheimer Wiese 5 D-55120 Mainz Germany

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  • C. Reifkogel GmbH   [Germany]

    Alsterdorfer Str. 534 D-22337 Hamburg

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  • Raschig GmbH    [Germany]

    RASCHIG is a producer of chemicals, plastics, RASCHIG-Rings and road materials.RASCHIG is a traditional company on course for the future - continously confirmed by our innovative and pionee...
    Mundenheimer Strabe 100 67061 Ludwigshafen, Germany

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  • HELM AG    [Germany]

    HELM AG is an international chemicals marketing organization focussing on national and regional distribution. When marketing our products we provide a wide range of services for our busines...
    HELM AG, Nordkanalstrasse 28,D-20097 Hamburg, Germany

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