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Germany Others Suppliers List

  • SGL Carbon AG   [Germany]

    Rheingaustr. 182 D - 65203 Wiesbaden, Germany

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  • Silbermann Chemie & Technik   [Germany]

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  • Dielen GmbH   [Germany]

        Dielen GmbH is situated in Straelen (Germany) and was founded in 1992. This company develops and sells measurement systems for process technology. Aside from sales and d...
    Zeppelinstrasse 9,D-47638 Straelen,Germany

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  • SINTEC HTM AG   [Germany]

        Our Centre of Competence (CoC) for research and development is located in Halblech (Germany) and has many years of experience in materials- and process development.In cl...
    Sintec Keramik GmbH & Co. KG Romantische Stra遝 18 D-87642 Halblech - Germany

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  • Sartorius AG   [Germany]

        The Sartorius Group is an internationally leading laboratory and process technology supplier covering the segments of biotechnology and mechatronics. In 2002, the techno...
    Weender Landstrasse 94-108 D-37075 Goettingen, Germany

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  • BRAND   [Germany]

    For half a century, the name BRAND has been standing for the highest quality in laboratory equipment. Our products have lived up to this reputation millions of times over. BRAND develops, produ...
    BRAND GMBH + CO KGP.O. Box 115597861 WertheimGermany

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  • Boeckel + Co.   [Germany]

    Boeckel + Co. (GmbH + Co) was founded in year 1929.It is 100% a family company. The owners are Klaus-Dieter Boeckel and Michael Boeckel.We are working in the export of laboratory equipment and ...
    Boeckel + Co (GmbH + Co) P.O. Box 11 22 26 20422 Hamburg Germany

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  • Balcke - Durr GmbH   [Germany]

    2003 Business takeover of Hamon Rothem黨le Cottrell GmbH i. I. acquiring the Rothem黨le product lines recuperative and regenerative heat exchangers types Rothem黨le andLjungstrom (mainly...
    Balcke-Durr GmbHPostfach 10 02 2746002 OberhausenGermany

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