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Metal-Complex solvent dyes

  Post Date: Oct 14,2019
  Expiry Date: Oct 13,2020
  Detailed Description: Metal-Complex solvent dyes:

Chrome-&Cobalt-Complex solvent
dyes with excellent solubility
and miscibility in wide range of
organic solvents, as well as
various sort of synthetic and
natural resins. The outstanding
properties of solubility in
solvents, light and heat fastness
and strong color strength are the
advantage rether than current
solvent dyes.

We would like to list following
Product list:

Serial number C.I.NO The

UN-801 Solvent Yellow 21 (BASF)
Yellow 156

UN-802 Solvent Yellow 82 (BASF)
Yellow 157

UN-803 Solvent Yellow 19 (BASF)
Neozapon Yellow 140

UN-804 Solvent Red 109
(BASF)Zapon Red 346

UN-804-1 Solvent Red
109 (BASF)Zapon Red 346

UN-805 Solvent Red 8 (ORIENT)
Valifast Red 3304

UN-806 Solvent Red 122
(BASF)Red 335

UN-806-1 Solvent Red
122 (BASF)Red 335

UN-807 Solvent Red 119
(BASF)Red 355

UN-807-1 Solvent Red
119 (BASF)Red 355

UN-808 Solvent Red 132
(ORIENT)Valifast Red 3320

UN-809 Solvent Red 218
(ORIENT)Valifast Pink 2310

UN-809-1 Solvent Red
218 (ORIENT)Valifast Pink 2310

UN-810 Solvent Black 27
(BASF)Black X 51

UN-810-1 Solvent Black
27 (BASF)Black X 51

UN-810-2 Solvent Black
27 (BASF)Black X 51

UN-811 Solvent Black 34
(ORIENT)Valifast Black 3804

UN-812 Solvent Black 29
(BASF)Black X 55

UN-814 Solvent Orange 45
(ORIENT)Valifast Yellow 3108

UN-815 Solvent Orange 54 (BASF)
Zapon Orange 251

UN-816 Solvent Orange 62 (BASF)
Zapon Orange 272

UN-820 Solvent Blue 70
Neopen Blue 807

UN-821 Solvent Blue 5
(ORIENT)Orient Oil Blue 603

UN-823 Solvent Red 32 dfs

UN-824 Solvent Red 49
(BASF)Baso Red 546

UN-825 Solvent Red 124 (NZC)
Meco Fast Red R-357

UN-826 Solvent Red 160
(BASF)Neopen Red 365

UN-830 Solvent Brown 43 (IDI)
Navipon Brown 2RL

UN-830-1 Solvent Brown 43
(IDI)Navipon Brown 2RL

UN-840 Solvent Violet 58 (CFT)
Triamet Violet 5R

UN-841 Solvent Yellow 79 (BASF)
Neozapon Yellow 081

UN-842 Solvent Yellow 25 (BASF)
Neozapon Yellow 190

UN-843 Mixed dfs

UN-844 Mixed dfs

UN-845 Solvent Orange 99 (BASF)
Zapon Orange 272

UN-846 Solvent Black 28 (CI)
Orasol Black CN

UN-852 Mixed dfs

UN-852-1 Mixed dfs

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