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sodium silicate production line

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There are two processes for
preparing water glass that are
common this day. The first one is
by reaction in liquid phase while
the next one is by reaction in
solid phase. However, alkaline
quartz sand are the same raw
materials used in the two
1. Process with reaction in
phase: Caustic soda, quartz sand
and water are mixed in a mixing
tank, and then the mixture is fed
into a reactor, where steam is
introduced. The reactant is
water glass with its module lower
than 3. The reaction is as
following: nSiO2+2NaOH
2. Process with reaction in solid
phase (thermal process) The feed
materials in this process are
sodium carbonate and quartz sand,
or sodium sulfate and quartz
The feed materials are heated in
reflection furnace. The reaction
is as following: Na2CO3 +XSiO2 →
(Na2O)(SiO2)X + CO2 4Na2SO4 +2C
+4SiO2→ 4Na2SiO3 +4SO2 +2CO2 The
water glass produced by this
thermal process can have modules
depending on requirements for
different applications.

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