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Sulphuric Acid

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Sulphuric Acid


Inorganic chemicals

Sulphuric Acid
CAS NO: 7664-93-9
EC NO: 231-639-5
Molecular Formula: H2SO4
Molecular Weight: 98.07
Specification: 98%
InChI: InChI=1/H2O4S/c1-5(2,3)4/h(H2,1,2,3,4)
Product description:
It's used in the organic sulphonation process involved in the production of detergents. The aromatic hydrocarbons are first reacted with very concentrated sulfhuric acid and the product is then neutralized with sodium hydroxide.
Synonyms: Acid Mist;Dipping Acid;BOU;Hydrogen sulfate;Oil of vitriol;Sulfur acid;Sulfuric acid, spent;Sulfuric;Vitriol Brown Oil;Sulphuric acid;Sulfate acid;Sulfuric acid (98%);Battery acid;Sulfuric acid for storage battery;Sulfuric acid, standard solution;Sulfuric acid, fuming (20%);Oleum;Sulfuric acid,fuming;Oleum;Sulfuric acid fuming;Fuming sulfuric acid;HSDB 1236;Oleum iodisum;Sulfur trioxide, mixt. with sulfuric acid;Sulfuric acid mixture with sulfur trioxide;Sulfuric acid, mixt with sulfur trioxide;Sulfuric acid, fuming;Sulfuric acid, mixt. with sulfur trioxide;Oleum (Fuming Sulfuric acid);Oleum 65% by weight or more free sulfur trioxide (SO3);Sulfuric acid (fuming);Sulfuric acid, fuming > or =30% free sulfur trioxide;Sulfuric acid, fuming > or =30% free sulfur trioxide [UN1831] [Corrosive];Sulfuric acid, mixture with sulfur trioxide;UN1831;oxosulfane dioxide - sulfuric acid (1:1);
Molecular Structure: Sulphuric Acid 7664-93-9
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