Novacke chemicke zavody, a.s.

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Novacke chemicke zavody, a.s.
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About us
The history of Novacke chemicke zavody, a.s., officialy goes back to 1940 with it not being transformed into a joint stock company until 16 October 1994. The company belongs among those companies which during their development crossed their own border already in the first few years of existence. Throughout its 63 year long presence the company has formed as a producer of production items designed for further processing in various industrial branches. At present Novacke chemicke zavody, a.s. plays an important role both in the Slovak and European market of chemical products. The company`s production premises are divided into 3 plants where manufacture of electrolysis products, basis organic chemicals, vinyl chloride and products of its further processing, as well as calcium carbide and technical gases takes place. The company makes an effort in keeping the achieved position in traditional products, and at the same time it makes every endeavour aimed at the introduction of new products and technologies at the present ecological criteria, securing quality of output parameters, and satisfying market requirements. The principal orientation of the company towards customer requirements is reflected in introducing of quality control system compliant with ISO 9001 and environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001.
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972 71 Novaky Slovak Republic
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