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Polyvinyl alcohol

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Polyvinyl alcohol



Polyvinyl alcohol
CAS NO: 9002-89-5
Molecular Formula: (C2H4O)n
Molecular Weight: 44.0526
Product description:
Odorless white to cream-colored granules or powder. Pure aqueous solutions are neutral or faintly acid and subject to mold growth.Resin in textile warp sizing & finishing, in adhesives, in grease-resistant paper coating, suspension agent in polymerization of vinyl acetate & vinyl chloride, thickener in latex coatings, ingredient in pesticide sprays, binder for phosphorescent pigments in tv picture tubes, aid in photoengraving processes, resin in cosmetic face masks, photographic & ether films, pigment binder in paper coatings.
Synonyms: PVA;polyvinyl alcohol 28-99;polyvinyl alcohol 3-98;polyvinyl alcohol 18-88;polyvinyl alcohol standard 200000;polyvinyl alcohol 15000;polyvinyl alcohol 22000;polyvinyl alcohol 49000;polyvinyl alcohol 72000;polyvinyl alcohol 100000;MOWIOL 4-88;poly(1-hydroxyethylene);POLYVINYL ALCOHOL (PVA);Polyvinyl alcohol (Release agent);POLYVINYLIC ALCOHOL;Vinyl alcohol - polymerised;Polyvinyl alcohol;Polyvinyl alcohol 1750±50;Polyvinyl alcohol film;
Molecular Structure: Polyvinyl alcohol 9002-89-5
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