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Copper concentrate

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Copper concentrate


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Copper concentrate
CAS NO: 7440-50-8
EC NO: 231-159-6
Molecular Formula: Cu
Molecular Weight: 63.5449
InChI: InChI=1/Cu/q+2
Product description:
Copper CAS: 7440-50-8 Formula: Cu PubChem: 23978 EC (EINECS/ELINCS): 231-159-6 RTECS: GL5325000 UN: 3089 Merck: 13,2545 Beilstein/Gmelin: 16269 (G) EPA OPP: 22501 Swiss Giftliste 1: G-6697 USCG CHRIS Code: CUX HS Code: 7410 11 00 PubChem: 23978
Synonyms: C.I. 77400;C.I. Pigment Metal 2;Copper;copper coating quality balzers;Copper ingot;raney-copper ready for use;Raney-Copper;Copperpowderdendritic;CopperrodNmmdiacElectrolytic copperagcm;CoppershotNmmdia;CopperturningsN;CopperfoilNmmthickxmmwide;Copperwireclothmeshmmwidemmwiredia;Copperwiremmdia;Copperwiresreducedfromoxide;CopperpowderNmesh;Copperpowdersphericalmesh;Copperpowdermeshunderargon;CopperwireNmmdia;CopperfoilNmmthick;CoppershotNmm;Copper powder;Copper, small rods for elemental analysis;Copper (S, P);Electrolytic tough pitch copper (O);Copper (O);Continuous cast copper (O);Electrolytic copper (trace elements);Copper with added impurities (trace elements);Copper foil(99.9%);Copper wire (99.99) 0.25mm dia.;Bronze, powder;Copper wire (99.999%) 0.76mm dia.;Copper wire cloth;Copper foil (99.9985%);Copper foil(99%);Copper shot(99.9) 1-10mm;Copper shot(99.999%) 2-8mm;Copper metal foil;Copper turnings;Copper metal wire;Copper solution 1000 ppm;Copper solution 10 000 ppm;Electrolytic copper;Sponge copper;Copper nanopowder;copper(2+);
Molecular Structure: Copper concentrate 7440-50-8
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