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About us
POLPHARMA is the largest Polish manufacturer of drug products and active pharmaceutical ingredients. We specialize in manufacturing cardiological, gastrological and neurological drugs, prescribed and used in inpatient healthcare. We also manufacture a wide range of OTC drugs. A milestone in the company抯 history was its privatization in 2000, based solely on Polish capital. The privatization gave a green light for thorough changes, which turned POLPHARMA into a strong and modern company, and a leader on the Polish pharmaceutical market with an annual turnover of over 900 m PLN. POLPHARMA, together with the Medana Pharma Terpol Group, in which POLPHARMA is a majority shareholder, is the Polish market leader by volume of drug packages sold. The company also operates in international markets and has its own representative offices in Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. POLPHARMA combines tradition and experience with modern technologies and the highest manufacturing standards. We constantly increase our effectiveness of operation and use elaborated benefits for the further intensive development. Development is reflected, among others, in the company抯 investments. Since 2000, POLPHARMA has invested approximately 700 m PLN. The greatest asset of POLPHARMA is its experienced and highly skilled staff. Approximately 2600 people work at the Pharmaceutical Works in Starogard Gdański, in the Trade Office in Warsaw and branches in foreign markets for the company抯 success.
Contact us
+48 58 563 16 00
+48 58 562 23 53
Web site:
19, Pelplińska St.83-200 Starogard Gdański Poland
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