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    We sincerely appreciate your cordial and constant support and encouragement as well as the heartfelt advice you give to us. This support, encouragement and advice enable us to greet the coming future with the confidence to be self-supporting by overcoming all difficulties during our initial stage following last year抯 spin-off.

    With the mission of being a揷ompany that meets the needs of our society攁nd the vision of becoming the揵est company in the world攊n the medical and health industry, as shown by our name, we will put all our endeavors toward achieving the goal揟en-Ten. This goal of搕en-ten攔epresents our desire to grow ten times as large as we are now in 10 years. To this end, we will run our multi-purpose plants, MPP-1, MPP-2 , P/P, most efficiently following standard operating procedures, and will supply highest quality products and guarantee free from cross-contamination, ensure thorough Cleaning Validation.

    We have been maintaining and advancing the quality system suitable for the cGMP through regular quality audits by prominent domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. We also experienced cGMP audit by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), before spin-off from Korea Fine Chemical.

    To meet customer requirements, our R&D group quickly establish laboratory processes in the initial development stage, and develop the industrial production processes following the progress of each project. The clinical samples are synthesized and supplied meeting specifications and regulatory requirements including documented back-ups.In addition, we have the capabilities for multi-step syntheses as well as unit synthesis techniques including the application of carbonyl dichloride, hydrogenation, metal hydride reduction, an asymmetric synthesis, chiral auxiliaries and peptide compounds. On the basis of such technology, we can meet diverse customer synthetic requirements.

    As we begin our website, we promise to give our best quality service with keeping in mind that we strive to be a partner that is always here for you. We hope for continuing prosperity for you and your organization. Thank you.

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  Yoo mee-Jung
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(555-280) 230-7 Hwachi-Dong Yeosu, Jeollanam-Do
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