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Kyongbo pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
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About us

Kyongbo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 as a pioneer of the manufacture of pharmaceutical raw materials in Korea, with a future-oriented outlook. Kyongbo is a promising high-tech industry for the 21st century and with a humanitarian mission to contribute to the life and well being of mankind.Entirely devoted to the development of new pharmaceutical raw materials, Kyongbo works to secure a superior competitive edge by simplifying and advancing its manufacturing processes of highly profitable bulk chemicals through innovation of manufacturing technology.

Kyongbo was the third in the world and first in Korea in developing Cefaclor, an antibiotic widely used around the world.

It is consumed not only within Korea but is exported abroad, demonstrating Korea's advanced pharmaceutical technology.Pharmaceutical raw material has to be treated with high technology and accumulated chemical know how above all else. But what is even more important is whether one has industrialization capability to efficiently apply such technology and expertise to the manufacturing processes and to produce high-quality products of superior economic value.Kyongbo is determined to supply products of superior economic value.Kyongbo is determined to supply products highest quality for the lowest price at the fastest pace for the great benefit of consumers.Such determination is the very strength that enables the company to strive to secure a superior position in this world of severe competition.In 1995, Kyongbo won the Export Tower, the government award given to exporters making shipments worth over US$ 10 million, attesting to the growing recognition of the quality and economic viability of its products in the world market.Kyongbo, in pursuit of a second leap forward through its merger in 1996 with Chong Kum Dang, has ample experience and know-how in the field of international synthesis, and is preparing for its rebirth as a world-class pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturer.

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345-6 Silok-dong, Asan-si, ChungCheongNamDo, 336-020, Korea.(Zip Code : 336020)
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