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Details for rubber



Polymers/Synthetic Rubber

CAS NO: 9006-04-6
EC NO: 232-689-0
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Specification: Anti-vibration rubber
Synonyms: Natural rubber;Rubber;5L-TP0203;AMA 7;Alkenes, polymers, rubber;Be Be Tex 1223;CS 700;CSV 1;CV 50;CV 60;Caoutchouc;Cartex 600;DRC 60;Defo 1000;Defo 700;Dynatex GTZ;Dynatex LA;E 218 (rubber);Ebonite;Elastic materials, rubber;Elastomers;FB 3001;Flexigum 40;Fultite FB 010K;Fultite FB 3001;Fultite FB 520;GLN 200;GNL 150;Gum Nafkacrystal;HC 106;HSDB 6772;Hartex 102HR;Hartex 103;Harub 5LV;Heveacrumb SMR 5L;Heveaplus;Hydrocarbons, polymers, rubber;IR 25;IR 68;ISNA 5;Impervia;India rubber;Iotex C 60;JLX 105;JLX 113;KDP 150;Kagetex FA 2005;LATZ latex;Latex gum;Latex particles;Lorival R 25;Lotol L 9241;Mar DR 1135;Mitsuwa RC paper Cement;Nafka;Nafka crystal gum;Nafka kristalgom;Natural latex;Thiokol NVT;UNII-2LQ0UUW8IN;
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