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Cosmoquimica S.A.
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About us
COSMOQU蚆ICA, S.A., founded in 1963, is based on the prodiuction and marketing of dyes, auxiliary products, optical brighteners, and finishers for the preparation, dyeing, printing and finishing of textile fibres. Since our start we are constantly in contact with the Spanish market, being the quality of our supply, and furthermore the customer service our priority.On the other hand during the last years, and bearing in mind the business globalisation, our company has spread out to other European and American countries where we have adjusted positively our attention to the customer requirements and needs. As our main goal is the customer's satisfaction we have adapted our methods and internal structure to provide the highest quality levels in our products and services. This has been guaranteed in 1998 by the fullfilling of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standards. Our range of products are designed to be applicable on all kind of fibres: natural, man made fibres, and their blends, and in all forms such as yarns, loose, plain woven goods, knitwear leather and furs. They can be applied in the dyeing and finishing of textiles and leather goods in systems such as circulating liquor machines, package dyeing, loose stock fibre units, beam dyeing, continuous and semi-continuous systems like pad-batch, pad dry thermofix, chemical pad steam. Also applicable in the printing sector in flat screen printing machines, and rotary printing machines, and also applicable in garment dyeing. Our technical-commercial department, which has expertise skills, is prepared to offer to any company the demanded information referred to recipes, application methods, and fastness of all the products in our range. Our products have been selected to offer the highest performance in their application, compatibility, reproduction, and the fastness degree demanded by the market on textile fabrics for clothing, decoration, covers, and leather articles. Futhermore our research and application laboratories are available for our clients to run out all kind of tests including the general fastness Rules.
Contact us
+34-93- 6565955
+34-93 6565605
Web site:
Carretera N II, Km. 607.
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