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Ammonium Bicarbonate

Details for Ammonium Bicarbonate

Ammonium Bicarbonate


Inorganic chemicals

Ammonium Bicarbonate
CAS NO: 1066-33-7
EC NO: 213-911-5
Molecular Formula: NH4HCO3
Molecular Weight: 79.05
InChI: InChI:1S/CH2O3.H3N/c2-1(3)4;/h(H2,2,3,4);1H3
Product description:

In baking powder formulations, in cooling baths, in fire extinguishers, manufacture porous plastics, ceramics, manufacture dyes, pigments, in compost heaps to accelerate decompn, as fertilizer, for defatting textiles, in cold wave solns, in chrome leather tanning, to remove gypsum from heat exchanges and other processing equipment.

Synonyms: Ammonium hydrogen carbonate;acid ammonium carbonate;Ammonium acid carbonate;Carbonic Acid, Monoammonium Salt;ammonium zinc carbonate (2:2:3);Ammoninum Bicarbonate;Ammonium hydrogenocarbonate;
Molecular Structure: Ammonium Bicarbonate 1066-33-7
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