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Sodium Silicate

Details for Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate


Inorganic chemicals

Sodium Silicate
CAS NO: 1344-09-8
EC NO: 215-687-4
Molecular Formula: Na2SiO3
Molecular Weight: 100.0814
InChI: InChI=1/2Na.O3Si/c;;1-4(2)3/q2*+1;-2
Product description:

Sodium Silicates serve a wide range of end use markets, including soap and detergent, paper adhesion, paint and pigments, catalysts and metal cleaning.

A powdered or flaked solid.Lining bessemer converters, acid concentraters, manufacture grindstones, abrasive wheels (as binder only).
Synonyms: Silicic acid, sodium salt;Sodium silicate solution;Agrosil LR;Agrosil S;Britesil;Britesil H 20;Britesil H 24;Carsil (silicate);Caswell No. 792;DP 222;Dryseq;EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 072603;HK 30 (van);HSDB 5028;L 96 (salt);Metso 99;N 38;Portil A;Pyramid 1;Pyramid 8;Sikalon;Sodium polysilicate;Sodium sesquisilicate;Sodium silicate glass;Sodium siliconate;Sodium water glass;UNII-IJF18F77L3;tetrasodium orthosilicate;disodium 1,3-dioxodisiloxane-1,3-diolate;hexasodium disiloxane-1,1,1,3,3,3-hexolate;sodium, oxygen(-2) anion, silicon, sodium;sodium hydroxy(oxo)silanolate;
Molecular Structure: Sodium Silicate 1344-09-8
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