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About us

Company ProfileResinall is a manufacturer of hydrocarbon, rosin based and specialty resins. These products are used as basic raw materials by a broad range of industries, and are produced at Resinall's production facilities in Severn, North Carolina, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Brugge Belgium.

Making specific resins for specific needs is what Resinall does best, utilizing the flexibility of a variety of technologies to solve particular problems for our customers. Technical involvement with our customers allows us to understand their needs and formulate products to their specific requirements. Our ability and our readiness make Resinall truly unique in the resin industry.

Resinall Corporation began in the late 1970's as a small regional producer. Today we are one of the fastest growing resin companies in the country. We have focused our technical efforts on utilizing our unique capabilities - the creative marrying of multi-resin chemistry - and have concentrated our marketing energies towards "partnering" with our customers to create specialty resins suited to their specific needs. The fact that 75% of Resinall production consists of proprietary resins developed in close cooperation with individual clients reflects both the success of this philosophy and the significant benefits it brings to our customers.

To meet the demands of the new millennium, we have spent millions of dollars totally modernizing our U.S. facilities while dramatically expanding the capacities of both plants. We have also expanded our offerings with the formation of Resinall Europe to serve our European customers and the formation of RK International (a joint venture with the Kustom Group) to better serve the high volume ink varnish market. Our R&D labs have also been expanded reflecting our commitment to maintaining Resinall's technical innovation. It is our belief that only companies with modern, efficient facilities and innovative, consistent quality products will survive in the resin industry.

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Web site:
United States P.O. Box 195 Severn, NC 27877
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