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  • Glycobiology
    ISSN: 0959-6658
    ISI Impact: 4.446
    Open access: 2008-present;After 12 months
    Supplement: Oxford University Press
  • Gene Therapy
    ISSN: 0969-7128
    ISI Impact: 4.492
    Language: English
    Open access: Articles 1997-2004 are free.
    Topic: Genetics
  • Genetics, Selection, Evolution
    ISSN: 0999-193X
    ISI Impact: 1.256
    Open access: 1969-present;Immediate
    Supplement: BioMed Central
  • Genome Research
    ISSN: 1088-9051
    ISI Impact: 10.176
    Open access: 1997-present;After 6 months
    Supplement: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
  • Gerokomos
    ISSN: 1134-928X
    ISI Impact: 0
    Language: Spanish
    Open access: 2006-present
    Topic: Internal medicine;Nursing
    Supplement: Ediciones SPA S.L.;Spain
  • Gene Regulation and Systems Biology
    ISSN: 1177-6250
    ISI Impact: 0
    Language: English
    Open access: 2007-present
    Topic: Biology
    Supplement: Libertas Academica;New Zealand
  • Genel Tip Dergisi
    ISSN: 1301-191X
    ISI Impact: 0
    Language: Turkish
    Open access: 1997-present
    Topic: Medicine (General)
    Supplement: Konya-Karaman Chamber of Medicine;Turkey
  • Gulhane Medical Journal
    ISSN: 1302-0471
    ISI Impact: 0
    Language: Turkish;English
    Open access: 2002-present
    Topic: Medicine (General)
    Supplement: Gulhane Military Medical Academy;Turkey
  • General and Applied Plant Physiology
    ISSN: 1312-8183
    ISI Impact: 0
    Language: English
    Open access: 2005-present
    Topic: Biochemistry;Botany
    Supplement: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;Bulgaria
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology
    ISSN: 1415-4757
    ISI Impact: 0.576
    Language: English
    Open access: FREE
    Topic: Biology;Genetics
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