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XP-5-Type Water Reducer

  Post Date: Jan 15,2022
  Expiry Date: Jul 14,2022
  Detailed Description: Conforming to GB8076-1997 Standard of "Concrete Pumping Agent"

[ Applicable Range ] :
1. Applicable to pouring or prefabricating, prestressing reinforced concrete pile as well as breeze-admixed concrete.
2. Applicable to preparation of various strengthened high-performance concrete, PHC pipe pile, pumping concrete as well as gravity-flow grouting materials as well.
3. Widely used in the concrete project as well as relevant products that can be maintained by nature or steam.
4. Having good adaptability to silicate cement, common silicate cement, slag silicate cement, breeze silicate cement and pozzuolana silicate cement
Applicable to pouring or prefabricating, prestressing reinforced concrete as well as breeze-admixed concrete.

[ Main Performance ] :
1. XP-5-type powder product enjoys the appearance of brown liquid without toxicity, odor, corrosion to the steel bas with the density of 1.18-1.20g/ml, belongin to no-inflammable substances.
2. This product enjoys the water-reducing rate of above 20% with the using quantity and slump not changed when used in concrete, and can elevate the one-day strength by above 20 %, three-day strength by 40-70% and 28-day strength by 30-50% and considerably improve and elevate various physic performances of concrete.
3. It can significantly increase the slump of concrete by 1.0-1.5 times and improve concrete and improving concrete with the cement-using quantity and the ratio of water and cement not changed.
4. It has the advanatages of low sodium sulphate content, few deposit, high water-reducing rate, small admixing quantity etc. particularly applicalbe to high-strengthened concrete pile and winter-pumping concrete.

[ Recommended Admixing Quantity ] :
The recommended admixing quantity for this product is 1.5-2.5% or 12.5-20.8 ml/kg ( calculated as the total of cement or cementing materials ).

[ Use Method ] :
This product can be directly put into the mixing water for concrete or added into the concrete at a subsequent stage.

[ Matters Needing Attention ] :
Sealed in clean containers for preventing leakage and dryness on evaporation.

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