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Bismuth iodide

Details for Bismuth iodide

Bismuth iodide


Inorganic chemicals

Bismuth iodide
CAS NO: 7787-64-6;12262-07-6
EC NO: 232-127-4
Molecular Formula: BiI3
Molecular Weight: 589.6938
InChI: InChI=1/Bi.3HI.3H/h;3*1H;;;/q+3;;;;;;/p-3/rBiH3.3HI/h1H3;3*1H/q+3;;;/p-3
Synonyms: Bismuthine, triiodo-;Bismuth triiodide;NSC 103681;Triiodobismuth;Bismuth iodide;Bismuth iodide (VAN);triiodobismuthane;bismuth(+3) trihydride cation triiodide;
Molecular Structure: Bismuth iodide 7787-64-6;12262-07-6
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