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sodium bicarbonate

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sodium bicarbonate


Catalyst and Auxiliary

sodium bicarbonate
CAS NO: 144-55-8
EC NO: 205-633-8
Molecular Formula: NaHCO3
Molecular Weight: 84.01
InChI: InChI=1/CH2O3.2Na/c2-1(3)4;;/h(H2,2,3,4);;/q;2*+1/p-2
Packing: In 25kg plastic woven bags lined with poly-bag(23MT/FCL).
Product description:
White powder or non-transparent crystals with saline taste,odorless,with specific gravity of 2.20;soluble in water,insoluble in alcohol;stable at ordinary temperature;when heated to 70°C it begins decomposed,releases CO2 and becomes Na2CO3; it release CO2 when meet acid.
Uses: Used as leavening agent in food industry,to produce CO2 in beverage industry and to be used in medicine industry,also in extinguishing,leather tanning,dyeing and printing,agriculture,etc.
Synonyms: Baking soda;Bicarbonate of soda;Carbonic acid monosodium salt;col-evac;meylon;monosodium carbonate;monosodium hydrogen carbonate;Sodium acid carbonate;sodium hydrocarbonate;Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate;soda mint;soludal;hydrogen carbonate;
Molecular Structure: sodium bicarbonate 144-55-8
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