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cupric hydroxide Inquire
CAS NO:20427-59-2 ;   MF:C6H12N2S4Zn
Item Index Assay[Cu(OH)2] % 93-95 Acid insoluble matter % 0.2 Sulf...
Cupric Acetate anhydrous Inquire
CAS NO:142-71-2;
Cupric Acetate Anhydrous High purity Item Index Purity[Cu(CH3COO)2...
Cupric Citrate Inquire
CAS NO:866-82-0;   MF:C6H8O7·xCu
Cupric Citrate   Item Index Purity[C6H4Cu2O7·2.5H2O]% ...
Cupric Tartrate Inquire
CAS NO:815-82-7;   MF:C4H4CuO6
Cupric TartratePurityItemIndexPurity[C4H4CuO6·3H2O] %98.5Iro...
Cupric Oxalate Inquire
CAS NO:5893-66-3;   MF:C24H30N4O2S
ItemIndexAssay %97Fe%0.05Chloride(CL)%0.1Undeposit matter in H2S %1...
Cupric-Amminium Complexion Inquire
Cupic-Amminium Complexion,SolutionFor industryItemIndexPurity(Cu) %23.0Undissolving substance in water%0.05Iron(Fe)%0.05 
Cupric nitrate ,Basic Inquire
CAS NO:12158-75-7;   MF:Cu(NO3)2·3Cu(OH)2
Cupric Nitrate, BasicSpecialItemIndexPurity(Cu) %52.2-53.6Nitrate(N...
Basic Cupric Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:1332-40-7 ;
Cupric Chloride,Basic For industry Item Index Purity(Cu)% 58.0 Moi...
Cupric Sulfate,Basic Inquire
CAS NO:1344-73-6;
Cupric Sulfate,BasicFor industryItemIndexPurity(Cu)%54.5-56.5Iron(F...
Sodium Carbonate decahydrate Inquire
CAS NO:6132-02-1;   MF:C10H7ClN2O
Sodium Carbonate DecahydrateHigh purityPurity ItemIndex Index Purit...
cupric Oxychloride Inquire
CAS NO:1332-40-7;   MF:Cu2(O
Cupric Chloride,BasicFor industryItemIndexPurity(Cu)%58.0Moisture2....
Ferrous sulfate Inquire
CAS NO:7720-78-7;   MF:FeSO4
Ferrous sulphateUSP31ItemIndexPurity[FeSO4·7H2O]%99.5--104.5...
Ammonium metavanadate Inquire
CAS NO:7803-55-6;   MF:NH4VO3
Ammonium melavanadate AR Item Index Assay% Min 99 Chloride % Max 0...
Copper bromide Inquire
CAS NO:7789-45-9 ;   MF:Br2Cu
Cupric Bromide A.R. LR Laser grade Technical grade Item Spec. Spec...
Copper Ethanolamine Inquire
Product name : Copper EthanolamineOther name : Cutrine-plus, Cupric ethanolamine, Copper MEA, Copper(II) MEA Formula:(C2H7NO)2Cu MW:185.71 Ch...
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